Rad Dixon goes soulful on new single

Known for more traditional reggae tracks, Rad Dixon sees his new single, ' Missing You', as a merger of reggae and dancehall showcasing his versatility.

"Missing You" is slightly different from the flow that I'm known for but it's an awesome project so I definitely had to lend my vocals to it, and the finished project exceeded expectations," he said.

Produced by DJ Treasure Music and Jamaican/Canadian-based label Tasjay Productions, who also currently manages the artiste, Missing You highlights the feelings of losing a friend or loved one and remembering the times spent with that person. This is even more potent during the COVID-19 crisis. The sentiment of missing a loved one is very real to the artiste as he lost his best friend in a tragic car accident recently.

"Everyone can relate to this track because they either experienced this loss themselves or close to someone who has. Losing someone is a part of real life and that's why I felt connected to writing about it," Rad Dixon said.

The artiste also released a cover of Kenny Rodgers' Write Your Name last Friday. He is also completing his album for release later this year.